06 February 2011

Clarence Thomas Lied (again)

So, we now have the news that Justice Clarence Thomas lied for the past decade or more on government forms declaring his income.  In a nation that is supposedly based on fairness and equality, Justice Thomas should be forced to uphold the same standards as any of the rest of us.  If I lied on a government form, specifically one dealing with my finances, I could be subject to fines, and possibly, jail time.  Why should the Justices of the Supreme Court be allowed to live by a different set of rules?  At the very least, Justice Thomas should be publicly reprimanded by the rest of the Court.

According to the LA Times, the Supreme Court is the only Judicial Body which is "not governed by a set of judicial ethical rules."  This basically means that a Justice can pretty much do whatever they want without risking their seat on the bench.  I can't be the only person in the US who finds this disturbing.  Can I?   I wonder what the penalty would be if Justice Thomas had admitted to, say, insider trading?  Would he get a slap on the wrist from the SEC and be sent back to judge the rest of us for our perceived wrongdoings?  

Maybe it is time to review the rules that apply to the Supremes.

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