31 March 2011

Huntsville, AL-GLBT friendly...REALLY!!!

So, here I am in Huntsville, AL.  Population, about 200,000 (which is about the size of my neighborhood in Brooklyn) and I have found it to be refreshingly relaxed and open.  There are 2 great gay venues here, Club Vieux Carre, and Partners Tavern, I have visited both and THOROUGHLY enjoyed the experience!  I am already sad to be leaving, and am really looking forward to coming back.  (Am I the same person who was writing about not spending my tourist dollars here just a few weeks ago?)

Visiting my family here was really overall quite lovely, despite the occasional run-in with my Mother (who I would like to push off a cliff on a regular basis) and my Uncle Johnny's well-meaning, yet ill advised attempts at controlling the entire family through a series of carefully plotted, though poorly executed and completely transparent manipulations.  The time I spent with my grandmother and my Uncle Vincent was worth all of the drama in the world as far as I am concerned, and seeing my sister Joanna was really a blessing.

Now, I am off to the final leg of my journey into the unknown-a visit to my brother in Winfield, KS...

Wish me Luck!

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