26 July 2011

A Year Ago

At this time last year, I was with Steve.  Just under a month away from being engaged to the man who would break my heart into a million pieces.  I thought I was happy, thought I was safe.  As I re-read the blog from May-June, as I followed the book, I realize just what an illusion I was living under.  Shattering that illusion-the illusion that he actually loved me in the way he claimed to-was one of the most difficult things I have ever had to do.  But I did it.  I faced that, and confronted so many of my darkest demons in 30 days, that it is almost as if there is more space in my heart for good and new and Light than I know what to do with!

Every day, in every way, things get better and better.

Sure I can worry about the economy, the Debt Ceiling, and a million other things I have no control over.  I do worry about them, but I know that God has a plan for me, and I believe it does not include the nation around me crumbling under a financial crisis, just as I prepare myself for the next step into a brighter future for myself, and for all those around me, whom I hope to serve.

Until next time, Love and Light!

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