16 August 2010


So, I met a guy this week who I have absolutely no right to be interested in.  He is 'primarily' straight, has little experience with men, just got out of a relationship.  He is my age and disturbingly handsome.  True to my status quo, he has unavailable written all over him. So...of course, I haven't been able to get him out of my head.

To make matters even more interesting, he did something tonight that I thought would never happen.  He called me.  I'm not really sure what to read into it, or if I should think anything about it at all.  We spent part of the night texting back and forth, and it was pretty superficial.  I don't know.  I like him, but don't know what to think.  I know in my brain that nothing could possibly ever come from this, but it doesn't keep me from wondering....

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