14 September 2010

No Good Deed....

So, this morning I was put in a really awkward position.  The friends I had staying in my house WENT OFF on me because I put my toothpaste away where they couldn't find it.  If you know me well, you know I am not really a confrontational person about things that are minor issues.  You also, however, know that I will let things build and build until I blow like a volcano on a bad day.  This morning was one of those moments.

A basic recap: The people who have been staying in my living room for a while decided it was OK to wake me up and ask me where MY toothpaste was, and whether or not I had put it away in my bedroom.  I said I had no idea where it was and went back to dreamland with my boyfriend.  A few minutes later, a MUCH louder knock came on my bedroom door, and when I answered the door, it was again he, demanding to know what I had done with my own toothpaste, and asking me why I had an attitude.  My response was that it was far too early for someone to wake me up TWICE about something that was not their property to begin with and I proceeded to slam my door in his face. At this point, rather than simply walking away, he made some snide comment about how I had changed since I got together with Steve, and it wasn't for the better.  I only heard the mumbling, but Steve heard it clearly, and was VERY upset about it.  This led to a secondary confrontation between myself and my friend's wife, after which I went to bed again.

A while later, while having breakfast with Steve, he and I noticed the Orange Juice we had just bought was gone, and that the iced tea tasted weird.  I also noticed that some of my organic turkey was missing.  Again, I was prepared to let it slide, but Steve was strong enough to have my back and force me to stand up for myself, particularly when we noticed that the Orange Juice, and heaven knows what else had been poured into the iced tea.

I sent the husband a text, and told him enough was enough.  That they had to go. He called me, admitting to tampering with and eating our food, trying to apologize, but I was having none of it.  My mind had been made up.  The time had come for them to leave, RIGHT THEN.  When the wife arrived back at the house, I informed her of the decision, and my reasons for it.  She then tried to defend her husband's actions, and attempted to make me seem like the bad guy when it was I who had been taking care of them, rent free, and asking virtually nothing in return for over a month.   Shortly afterwards, I was sitting in the kitchen with tears on my face, because I felt horrible about letting someone become homeless, but Steve reminded me of the reasons for my decision, and held me, and made me stronger.  From first date to significant other may have been a very quick trip, but my reasons for deciding to agree to be in a relationship with this wonderful man are  better and more apparent every day...the lesson is that no good deed goes unpunished.


  1. This Blog was originally written about a week ago, but unpublished until now...

  2. Wow! How bizzare! Yeah, that whole situation could have turned into an episode from the Twilight Zone!(you could've thought you were going insane and that you were indeed a bad person....So, not true).

    I have been through off -the-hook houseguests. Not comfortable! And food tampering? Whoa! They are lucky you just asked them to leave. It coulda got ugly!

    So, yeah, for Steve! He did hold you down! Good lookin'out Steve!