22 December 2010

Ding, Dong DADT is dead!

This morning, after over 200 years of being oppressed in the US Military, President Obama signed a bill that will allow U.S. servicemen and women to serve this nation openly, without fear of being told that their service to this Nation is not required, simply because they love a person of the same gender.  I find this moment to be a victory not only for the Nation, but a personal one as well.  I have spent years advocating a repeal of this policy, and was overjoyed when both (then) Senators Clinton and Obama stated repeal would be high on their priority lists if elected to the Presidency.  In recent months, my support for President Obama had faltered (in part do to a perceived inactivity on DADT and DOMA) a bit, I found myself wondering 'what if.'  What if I had wound up in the Navy as I had planned 17 years ago?  What if I had never left the south and moved to New York.  What if President Clinton had not been forced to make the compromises that brought about the birth of DADT and DOMA in the 1990's?  What if Hillary Clinton had been the President drafting the healthcare bill?

Today, I am not playing the 'what if' game.  Today, I am celebrating the present.

Love and Light.

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