08 December 2010

Thoughts on moving. First of all, it totally sucks. It involves so much work and thought and planning. I am not the strongest at any of these things (well except maybe planning.). Also, it just takes so long for me to feel comfortable and bonded with my space. I wish there was a way to emotionally move myself with my furniture and clothes. That being said, in each of my last two moves, I have found myself somewhere for two times as long as I was in the location before. And I have progressively loved each location more than turbine before it. I hated hells kitchen, but liked Crown Heights well enough. I love Ditmas Park, but miss being in Manhattan, near my friends in Washington Heights and the Bronx and Yonkers. I am dreading the move itself, but eagerly looking forward to the end result. And hey, if my current pattern holds, I won't be moving again until sometime around 2020, if ever. So I think I am more excited than fearful. I know it is happening, and I am nervous about it. But that's life.

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