04 May 2012

"Solutions for peace are never political, philosophical, or militaristic. The fate of the world, begins and ends with individual behavior." 

This quote from Yehuda Berg in right in line with my own philosophy:

Peace is about PEOPLE. We have so much in common with our fellow souls, but tend to focus instead on the areas where we differ. This focus leads to misunderstanding and Ego taking over. Ego taking over leads to conflict. Conflict leads to War and destruction. We, as stewards of this magnificent planet, owe it to ourselves to protect it, and all of the creatures residing on it. Even if that sometimes means stepping out of our comfort zone and looking in from another perspective.

I wonder sometimes if we will ever be able to step beyond our own preconceived notions and into the greater picture the Universe is trying to present us.  I hope so.

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