12 October 2010

Carl Paladino and his message about GLBT persons

So, this weekend the Republican candidate for Governor of New York shot the Log Cabin foot right off his campaign, and probably lost a lot of campaign contributors with it.  OK, to be fair, we already knew they guy was living in la-la-land. Despite what he said about former Gov. Pataki (R) while he was still in office, Paladino somehow managed to wrangle an endorsement from him.  But when you have prominent members of your party (Mike Bloomberg) endorsing your opponent in next month's election, it's gotta make you wonder...

So, a guy who doesn't have the amount of support he needs to begin with has now slapped an important demographic in any election, (but particularly in midterms) right in the face.  GLBT voters vote in midterms, unlike many US Citizens, and GLBT voters come out hard and fast in a progressive state like NY.  Granted, I wasn't going to be voting for Paladino to begin with, but I do have some Log Cabin friends that did not take kindly to being called 'dysfunctional' or hearing that there are no gays he knows of on his staff.

Is this really New York?

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