01 November 2010

Coulda Hadda....

    So, here we are again.  In less thank twenty four hours, United States Citizens will head to the polls for a 'midterm' election.  What is so different about this one?  This one could potentially prove devastating to millions of people.  Should the Republicans/Tea Party gain control of Congress, they could effectively enforce a stalemate in our government that would last the remainder of President Obama's current term on office.  Not that I am a huge fan of what the President has done in his first two years in office, mind you.  I feel the President has slipped behind on many important issues, including ending DOMA, and finally putting DADT to bed once and for all.  I believe the healthcare plan could and should have been better planned and implemented.  There is one additional fact I would like to remind myself of, however; it could have been much, much worse.

    Had McCain/Palin come into the White House two years ago, millions would remain uninsured  Millions more would likely not be currently receiving unemployment, as it would have been done away with. Not to mention the social changes that started with the Department of State changing their policy on same sex partner benefits would never have come to pass.  (I have said it before, and I will say it again-Coulda Hadda Clinton!)   I will not let any of this, however, stop me from voting tomorrow.   I will be voting for progressives and independent Democrats.  Sometimes, I even vote for the occasional Republican, as in the case of Mike Bloomberg.  But WHO I vote for is not as that I actually get out and vote.  I hope each of you, despite your political affiliations, will do the same.

    Don't leave yourself wishing you 'Coulda Hadda...'

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