26 November 2010

Shooting Stars

A few weeks ago, I was in Harlem with Steve and saw something you almost never witness in the New York evening sky: a shooting star.  I was reminded of how something so beautiful can suddenly appear seemingly out of nowhere.

Life is like that, don't you think?  You can be having the worst day, and something catches your eye.  A smile or compliment from a stranger, a beautiful sunset, a flower, even a sweet thought can cross your synapses and brighten even the darkest day.  I think that may be why we sometimes laugh at the most inopportune moments; not because something is funny, but because the pained laughter reminds us that there is life to be lived, and horizons yet to be seen.

Today, on Thanksgiving, I wish each of you new horizons, and remind all of us to be grateful for the little miracles all around us every day.

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